Know Why Personal Computing Needs To Be Incorporated In Everyday Life!

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Recently, I had an opportunity to attend a panel discussion organized by Dell in the background of Dell’s PC Literacy Days. What was striking about the event was the blend of experts from relevant fields to make it worthwhile and look for a change in the mindset of parents’. Mr. Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO, Greyhound Research, Gayatri Singh, Founder, Team Explore – Think Stations, Harpreet Kaur Sapra, Serial Technology Entrepreneur & Co-Founder-MakersBox, Ritu Taneja, Teacher trainer; Educational, Editorial Consultant and Author and Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India each one had given valuable inputs that we can incorporate and help our children create wonders using technology as a tool.


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