Greyhound Research presents Rising Stars Club in association with INTEROP Mumbai 2014

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So, why are we doing this in the first place?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  -John Quincy Adams

Leaders are not defined and identified at what position they stand in an organization, they are defined by their individuality, their actions and with the way they handle situations. We at Greyhound Research in association with INTEROP Mumbai are proud to present the Rising Stars Club to recognize upcoming IT leaders who stand out in what they do. We’d like to recognize these upcoming leaders who will be stepping into the big shoes of a CIO to add to their organization’s business.

Who can enter the awards?

The admission into the club is exclusively open to upcoming IT Decision Makers only – please note, these awards are exclusively for upcoming CIOs and do not include large IT vendor firms. We also encourage IT vendors to submit nominations on behalf of their customers. IT Vendors please note we require you to produce enough documentary evidence that this submission has been done in consent with the customer.

What are the rewards for those who qualify?

  • Exclusive invitation to Greyhound Golden Gate. An initiative by Greyhound Knowledge Group, this community is exclusive, vendor-free and invite-only for senior Business and IT decision makers across emerging markets.
  • All nominated for this club will be awarded one complimentary ticket to the Greyhound Emerging Markets Conclave event.
  • Unlimited Access to our research papers and reports for a year.
  • Free consulting time (max of one call for an hour) with our Chief Analyst.

What is the process and criteria?

The judging process is comprised of two phases.

Phase 1 – The nominations will be judged by an exclusive advisory board committee consisting of few of the most renowned CIOs and the Greyhound Research management team.

Phase 2 – In case the judges have any questions, the nominee will be interviewed by the judges.

Winners will be announced at the INTEROP 2014 (Mumbai) on 5th September, 2014.

Awards Jury:

  • Rajesh Uppal, Executive officer (IT) & CIO at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • Vijay Sethi, Vice President and CIO at Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Rajeev Batra, CIO at SSTL-MTS India
  • GN Nagaraj, ex-CIO
  • Umesh Mehta, CIO-India, Jubliant Life Sciences
  • Harnath Babu, ‎CIO at Aviva Life Insurance
  • Sebastian Joseph, CIO
  • Meheriar Patel, CIO, USV Pharma
  • Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research

Qualifying Criteria Please email us on for more details.

How can you apply?

Please reach out to Manav Juneja on and we will revert with a detailed nomination form for you to fill out. Please note, the last date to receive this is August 22, 2014.

Points to Remember:

  • The Rising Stars Club recognises Future IT Leaders who are true innovators. Please note, this club is not another technology award and we are looking for well-defined outcomes that can be measured and transformation journeys. Please take time to demonstrate, quantify and explain precisely how value was added to your organisation by the system/initiative/project you are nominating.
  • The nominee(s) should have a direct reporting relationship with the CIO / top IT leader in the organization.
  • The CIO / Top IT leader in the organization can nominate one or more of their direct reportees. Please use one Nomination form per nominee.
  • The nominee should have a minimum experience of 10 years in IT, and a maximum experience of 20 years.
  • Please note that the complete form needs to be filled “by the nominee” in order to ensure accuracy and consistency with the project.
  • The nominee needs to attach the complete CV. In case of any certifications (both technical and business), please also attach the copies of the certification. (Failure to do so would disqualify the nomination).
  • A nominee can include more than one project/system as part of the nomination. Please use multiple sheets for the section “Project Details” in case of multiple projects.
  • Provide as much detail as you can on every nominated project/system, including:
    • Project dates/timelines/history/milestone
    • Costs (in INR); details on the vendors and technologies associated with the project and their role in its success
    • Organisational details and roles, such as the teams involved and how they worked towards the success of the project
    • ROI where possible, spell out the returns to the organisation.
    • Any specific Innovations at business, technology and people level.
  • Please demonstrate and quantify the impact on various stakeholders and other parameters, wherever possible, in numerical, percentage or fiscal terms. Please note, we will disqualify nominations that use vague sentences and do not outline key outcomes in a quantitative manner.
  • Please note, multiple nomination applications per company (End-User organization) is allowed.
  • Vendors and PR firms may feel free to submit an application on behalf of their clients. However, we will need sufficient evidence to prove this has been done with the client’s consent and need all their contact details.
  • Please remember, we are looking for real innovators and achievers (among future IT leaders) who have not only thought out-of-the-box, but put it in practice for a tangible outcome.
  • As an organization, we honour Non-Disclosure Agreements but since this is a platform for one-and-all, we encourage you to not share any information that you believe should not be shared with the public in general.
  • Multiple entries per nominee will be considered. A nominee may be a separate business unit within the same organisation, with separate P&L responsibilities.
  • Completed forms may be submitted via e-mail (softcopy, in PDF format only) to Manav Juneja ( For further information, please reach out on +91.99.6768.6163.

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