Greyhound Research presents Achievers’ Club in association with Information Week

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So, what are we doing this in the first place?

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.”  –Tom Freston

We exist in a world where true innovations are rare. Till date, the concept of doing something differently has either been dismissed completely or little encouragement has been given to those standing up for the cause. However, in recent times encouragement for innovators with ideas has been easier to find. We at Greyhound Research believe these people who think out of the box and create something new need to be recognized. Why? Because such people have the skill (and drive) to make an impact – in their organizations, society and lives.

The Achievers’ Club is an initiative by Greyhound Research in association with Information Week magazine to recognize such innovators who have truly gone out of their way to make an impact.

Who can enter the awards?

The admission into the club is exclusively open to IT Decision Makers only – please note, this does not include CIOs from large IT vendor firms. While we encourage IT vendors to submit nominations on behalf of their customers, Greyhound Research holds the discretion and right to accept this nomination. Vendors please note, we require you to produce enough documentary evidence that this submission has been done in consent with the customer.

What are the rewards for those who qualify?

  • All nominated for this club will be awarded one complimentary ticket to the Greyhound Emerging Markets Conclave event.
  • Those recognized for the Achievers’ Club will win a three-month subscription to Greyhound’s Research Library.

What is the process and criteria?

The judging process is comprised of two phases.

Phase 1 – Greyhound Research panel reviews applications to determine the finalists for the Achievers’ Club.

Phase 2 – The list of finalists is then reviewed by the Information Week management.

Winners are announced at the InterOp 2014 (Delhi).

Qualifying Criteria

Each qualifier would be given a rating on the scale of 1 to 10:

  • Business level
    • What was the initiative and did it benchmark to global standards?
    • How would you quantify the impact of the initiatives over last 2 quarters?
    • Who owns this initiative?
  • Technology Level
    • Did the CIO & team use a formal benchmarking process to shortlist vendors and benchmark offerings?
    • Range of solutions implemented
    • Speed of implementation
  • People Qualifiers
    • How widely is the technology used in the organization?
    • Did the IT team conduct a pilot with chosen group prior to launch?
    • Does the organization measure user experience and satisfaction on an on-going basis?

How can you apply?

Please reach out to Manav Juneja on and we will revert with a detailed nomination form for you to fill out. Please note, the last date to receive this is July 11, 2014.

Points to Remember:

  • Please note, only one application per company (End-User organization) is allowed.
  • Vendors and PR firms may feel free to submit an application on behalf of their clients. However, we will need sufficient documentary evidence to prove this has been done with the client’s consent and need all their contact details.
  • Please remember, we are looking for real innovators and achievers who have not just thought out-of-the-box, but put it in practice for a tangible outcome.
  • As an organization, we honour Non-Disclosure Agreements but since this is a platform for one-and-all, we encourage you to not share any information that you believe should not be shared with the public in general.

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