Catch Greyhound Research as a process partner with Banking Frontiers for Technoviti Awards

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Catch Greyhound Research (Greyhound_R) & Sanchit Gogia, (@s_v_g), Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research at Technoviti 2015.

What is the event all about?

The saying is that behind every successful man there is a woman. Likewise, behind every successful BFSI innovation there is technology.

In Finnoviti 2013, the financial services innovation awards by Banking Frontiers, nearly 75% of the winning innovations were based on IT. In the prevailing scenario of multi-products and multiple technologies, it becomes difficult for CIOs and CXOs to have a perfect view of an innovation that is relevant to them even as it is difficult for the innovators to get the desired attention from the CIOs and the CXOs. Therefore, there is a need for a platform that can correctly portray the backstage technology service providers who strive to empower the BFSI sector.

Banking Frontiers is pleased to present Technoviti 2015, a platform to unveil the unproven yet promising technologies, and an opportunity for technology companies to showcase their innovations that are relevant to the BFSI sector.

IT companies from around the world are invited to participate in the contest and earn recognition for their innovative products. They can win awards, get their products noticed by decision makers in the BFSI sector and interact with them to provide meaningful information about the products. The applications will be studied and screened by a jury comprising leading CIOs, CTOs & CISOs in the BFSI world.

Technoviti Conference will bring together CIOs and CTOs of the BFSI sector and the products and services providers. It will offer an opportunity for CIOs and CTOs to look at the various technology offers and assess their relevance to their organizations. On the ther hand, Technoviti also offers a strong branding opportunity for the IT solutions providers who otherwise struggle to present their products to the CIOs even if these products are significant innovations.

The 25 most promising innovations will be honored with awards and the concerned innovators will have chance to present their innovations at the Technoviti 2015 Conference. Besides, details of the leading innovations will be included in the Technoviti Compendium that will be brought out on the occasion.

Every innovator desires the best recognition and acceptance for his innovation and we believe Technoviti is a premium platform for this purpose. We invite you to share details of your innovation/s and receive the required mindshare and market share in the BFSI sector.

When & Where?

Mumbai, Jan 16, 2015

How can you apply?

Click here to download Nomination form


Who can participate?
Any information technology company in the public, private or joint sector, operating in India or abroad and registered and
regulated by a competent authority. Only IT products and solutions that are commercially available will be accepted as entries.

How many nominations can be filed?
Each entity can file as much nominations for various categories of awards

Who can file the nominations?
The entities should file nominations themselves. No third party nominations will be entertained. Nominations should be filed
by competent authority of the entity and the filing should be done by email.

What is the format for the nominations?
Part 1 of the nomination has to be filed on the form provided.

Part 2 has to be filed in pdf format which would contain
descriptive information.

Part 3 has to be filed in ppt format which would contain the same information as Part 2, but as an
executive summary.

For each nomination, the limit is 4 ppt slides and 4 pdf pages. The pdf must be on the official letterhead
of the applying company.

Additional information about innovations and their benefits can be given in separate documents,
video, etc, as suitable.

Is there a nomination fee?
Yes, there is a non-refundable nomination fee to cover processing costs and entry to the conference-cum-awards function. Two
delegate passes will be provided with each nomination. The nomination fee is `40,000 + 12.36% tax per nomination . The Payment
can be made by cheque / RTGS / NEFT. Cash is not accepted. There is a Early Bird discount if your payment is received by the 10th
October 2014. As an early bird discount the nomination filling fee would be `35,000 + 12.36% per nomination. The payment must
be made in favor of Glocal Infomart Pvt Ltd.

For any clarifications, please contact Saaniya Naik: Phone: +91 77380 88612 Email:

Source: Banking Frontiers