Avoid risk in BI deployment

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Utilization of business analysis software tools has become a top priority for businesses in many industries, but that doesn’t mean implementation comes without risk.

BI solutions professional Sanchit Gogia wrote on Business 2 Community that before adopting a solution, there needs to be a solid business case to make sure the tool will not fail.

“In spite of the risk of business intelligence failure, it is a known fact that BI can provide substantial benefits – but only when deployed in the right way, at the right instance, and with the right mapping,” he wrote. “However, BI is not a sound investment option if you look at it just as a simple and basic reporting tool.”

The technology has improved to allow executives to make better decisions for their business and should likely be used as such by organizations, according to Gogia.

“Management buy-in is very critical for any project to succeed,” he said. “Same is the case with BI projects in order to avoid their failure. You can convince top management only if you have the right understanding, appropriate strategy and suitable tools in place. Hence, many questions need to be answered before starting the BI journey to ensure that it does not end up in failure.”

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