Apple’s iOS 8 Beta Uptake Has Been Muted When Compared To iOS 7

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According to a study done by InMobi, a mobile advertising firm, which analysed 1 lakh devices in July running iOS 8, a similar number of devices were running iOS 7, which indicates flat pick up. InMobi has obtained this data from its ad network which touches around 700 million phone users. On a global basis, iOS 8 adoption is almost 100 per cent less, compared to iOS 7, the study pointed out.

This data assumes significance as iOS 8 will be powering a spate of new devices from the Apple stable, including the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, according to reports. This development is not good news for Apple in an emerging market like India, especially since the launch of AndroidOne by Google. “The standardistion of User Interface, coupled with control over these devices, gives Google an edge and users can benefit from this too,” said Sanchit Gogia, Chief Analyst, Greyhound Research.
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