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Even as the internet giant Google unveils its pocket-friendly, stock Android experience, Android One smartphones, there are several ripples being created across the country. While consumers and the tech community are raving (or otherwise) about price points and potential, the IT heads of organizations might just be cringing at the thought of having these smart-devices inside their company’s networks.

Android One has largely been seen as Google’s effort to bring the massive non-internet population in emerging economies online and also to standardize the Android experience.Says Sanchit Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research, “Android One gives Google tighter control over the Google OS which means standardised UX. Support for seven regional languages is going to be a solid plus over competitors – this will not only help consumers use vernacular, it’s also likely to help promote apps in regional language.”

Says Gogia, “While this launch will help increase mindshare (and marketshare) amongst consumers, a lot of these smartphones will be used in enterprises. This is a critical point given the increase in adoption of a MobileFirst and BYOD policies amongst enterprises in India. This also indicates an increased cost for enterprises to support these devices.”

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