70% Organizations Use Mobility in Emerging Markets

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Greyhound Research has announced a new study on Enterprise Mobility. The study deals with how business leaders are increasingly demanding access to enterprise applications on mobile. More than 70 per cent of the organizations Greyhound interviewed stated to have plans to spend on projects for mobilizing enterprise apps – while apps like CRM, BI and HCM are gaining traction on the mobile, traditional apps like email and calendaring continue to be the highest used apps.

Greyhound Research spoke to 100 CIOs across emerging markets including Asia-Pacific and Middle East Africa regions. The study revealed that more than 70 per cent of organizations are either already running or planning a mobility technology expansion project. Greyhound research believes that his speaks volumes about enterprise mobility being a key priority for organizations across the emerging markets. However, more than 30 per cent of these organizations are facing challenges like lack of clarity on policies for multiple users and roles in the organization, making the choice between app wrapping or deploying an MDM solution, among others.

“Enterprise mobility is a key priority for organizations across emerging markets. BYOD is shifting habits of the user, making it imperative for business leaders and IT decision-makers to work in synergy,” stated Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research.

More than 65 per cent organizations continue to dedicate IT budget to improve employee productivity and support mobile workforce. Increasing customer intimacy and satisfaction was also quoted as other key priorities why organizations in emerging markets are adopting mobility.

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