Chief Fun Officer

We have a real life hound who happens to be one our Founders! She is called Misty 🙂 Apart from being the inspiration for the company brand name, Misty also happens to be our Chief Fun Officer – yes, she believes in having some serious fun! Check her out – click here.

Misty is not only our Chief Fun Officer but also binding soul of Greyhound Knowledge Group. There are things we learn from her everyday that helps us break out of our work monotonies​ and beat the stress.​

All you need is LOVE – Be it a Monday Morning or a Wednesday afternoon, all we need is a dose of our CFO. She teaches us that the best way to energise and jolt out of our reveries is by​ taking a break​ and spreading some love over a cuppa coffee and treats (for her).

We all need a bite of the humble pie every once and then – Dogs teach us that humility is still an existent quality in the world and thats what our CFO redefines. Its not always about being right but maybe sometimes admitting that you did indeed chew off a bit from the office chair.

Ask (hound in her case) and you shall receive! – We believe in simple values of giving and receiving and Misty reminds us of the same everyday. Every day at work we try to give back more to each other in terms of gratitude and guidance. Be ready to be attacked by oodles of love (and licks) after treating Misty with a dose of petting and treats.

We trust action over words – It goes unsaid that dogs are the best friends a man can have – they say own a dog to learn a thing or two about trust. We believe in nurturing the relationships and building them on a strong foundation of trust – be it our co-workers or clients.

Never forget the goal – What we truly learn from our CFO is that hard-work and perseverance always gets you the treat! Misty inspires us to be go-getters and never lose sight of the goal! 😉