Sales is the most innate and often the most complex function for any organization. Sales processes require articulate planning and execution. We offer a unique process execution model to help you lead your sales efforts in a planned and effective manner. We AIDTM your Sales by ASSESSING you Market and Competition; IDENTIFYING your sale potential and DELIVERING tactics to achieve your full potential.


  • Market Expansion – We at Greyhound help you assess your market in a holistic manner; through our 2 Dimension Market ExpansionTM Framework (2DME). The 2DME consists of the Geo Expansion framework and the Vertical Expansion framework.
    • Business Questions Answered
      • Which countries hold the largest potential for my product/service?
      • What market verticals should my company be expanding to?
      • How well will my product/service sell in the emerging markets?
      • What are the entry exit requirements for a particular market?
  • Competitive Insights – An in-depth competitive assessment of your target market so that you can develop your sales strategy above and ahead your competition.
    • Business Questions
      • Who are my key competitors?
      • What is the average sales spend my competitors are incurring?
      • What prices are my competitors quoting in the market?
      • What industries/sectors are my competitors catering to?
      • How to conduct a comparative SWOT analysis of your company v/s your competitors?


  • Need Identification – Identify your target market’s needs and helps you align your demand planning around the market’s requirements.
    • Business Questions:
      • Do the emerging markets have a customer base for my product?
      • What are the need gaps in the market?
      • How can my product/service compensate the need gaps in the market?
      • What additional product/service offerings can I offer to my customers?


  • Demand Identification and Planning – Demand Planning comprising the complex questions such as: How much to sell?; Where to sell?; and What Sales decision to make: sell to or sell with?
    • Business Questions:
      • How big is my market?
      • What are the sales figures I can aim to achieve for my Q4 sales cycle?
      • How much demand do the emerging markets hold for my product?
      • How can I incorporate the feedback from my sales reps into an effective demand planning exercise?
      • How do I expand my sales network to cater to demand in unexploited markets?
      • Is it ideal to choose a partner to expand my sales and distribution network?
      • Should my company invest in strategic sales partnerships or customers i.e. sell with or sell to?


  • Sales Cheat Sheets – Customized Sales Cheat Sheets for your Sales team, to help them lead their sale’s calls and establish a competitive edge.
    • Business Questions:
      • What are my products SWOT?
      • How should I position myself with respect to my competitors?
      • What are the weak points of my competitors?


  • Competitive Battlecards – Crisp and to the point competitive battlecards comprising of sharp insights that helps your sales team win in the market.
    • Business Questions:
      • How vast is my competitors’ market presence?
      • How are my competitors positioning themselves in the market?
      • What is the pricing comparison?
      • Who is my target market, and how is it different from my competitors target market?
  • Pitch Document – A customized, informative yet unprecedented set of pitch collaterals. We believe that a successful pitch is where we align individual objectives and work on synergistic results.
    • Business Questions:
      • What should the basic framework be?
      • Which business capabilities should I showcase in the pitch document?
      • Should I customize the pitch document for different customers?
      • What percent of my pitch document should be related to result oriented information?