Role-Focused Advisory

In addition to the regular theme based research, you can have direct access for our Advisory. We can help answer questions that are the most urgent and important for the context of your markets and your business(es) based on our in-house intelligence and of course, our ongoing intensive market tracking and our conversations with the leaders in the industry.

Here are some of the indicative areas where you can get direct help from Greyhound Research, as part of our Advisory Services:

  • What are the key trends affecting business models today, and how do I dissect the ones that are critical for my organization’s performance, beyond the hype curves and play of jargons?
  • What are the specific market trends and best practices that are relevant to my business?
  • Is the product strategy in alignment with the market dynamics and is there anything I need to watch out for?
  • Specific guidance on contractual negotiations and pricing models
  • Various trends and best practices with respect to organizational re-skilling toward emerging technologies & solutions
  • What are the various technologies that are exclusively available for leverage in my own domain, and what are the ways to evaluate and source these solutions?
  • What are the trends on the M&A and partnerships in the emerging markets in my area of business?