Why We Matter

Greyhound Research is the new Age IT Analyst firm. We are focused on delivering value to your business, and on helping you do your routine tasks more effectively. We do it with research-led insights.

We are consciously aware of the prevalent focus of the existing analyst firms on developed economies, and we are focused at addressing the unfulfilled needs of the emerging markets.

New Age | New Perspective | New Approach

Our clients need fresh perspective, to go beyond the traditional approach, beyond the technology leverage and spending, and beyond the traditional buyers within the IT domain.

Young | Nimble | Responsive
The speed of change in technology requires the enterprises to become agile and responsive. Enterprises cannot do it alone with the quantum of multi-dimensional change. We recognize the important of analyst firms like us for enterprises to navigate these forces. We are young, nimble, and responsive – to stay ahead of the curve – in order to enable you to succeed.

Intensely focused on relevance to the markets we address
We do not commit or wish to be a company that does it all, knows it all. We are focused on what’s disrupting the IT industry – new business themes, evolving IT decision makers, emerging technologies, emerging markets and verticals. We truly believe Emerging Markets – Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), Middle East Africa (MEA), Eastern Europe and Latin America – deserve dedicated focus.

Truly Independent
We stand against vendor-sponsored research. We strictly do not undertake vendor-sponsored research in any shape or form. This is a stand we have taken, and it goes against the prevalent norms, but we believe that truly independent and un-biased research requires us to be that way. Our clients require us to be truly independent, and we prefer it that way.

Innovative Thinking | Innovative Processes
Traditional and so far standard research methodologies and approaches are becoming ill-equipped to handle the fast changing technological and organizational dynamics. We bring in processes that are focused at innovatively addressing the challenges that our clients face in making critical decisions in a fast changing market.

Humble, and to the task
At Greyhound Research, we don’t take the high road and we believe in being accessible to our clients. We keep our business really simple, and it works well with our clients, because it keeps us focused on delivering value. We keep our heads on our shoulders with belief on execution, which is what our clients really need from us.