Research Policies

Greyhound Research is founded on strong ethos and we take pride in the credibility that we demonstrate to our clients. We build predictability around how we engage, what clients can expect and the process.

Here are a set of research policies that we adhere to, and hope that you find it fruitful to adhere to as well.

  • Analyst Briefing Procedures and Guidelines
  • Analyst Inquiries and Advisory Services For IT Decision Makers
  • Custom Research
  • Research Collaboration And Participation
  • Factual Corrections and Reviews For Entities (Organizations and People, if and wherever applicable) Mentioned In Research
  • Reprints
  • Greyhound Research Citations and Press Quotes
  • Press Interviews And Media Coverage
  • FTC Disclosures

Analyst Briefing Procedures and Guidelines
We have ongoing conversations with the end-users as well as vendor community on regular basis. If you want to have an analyst briefing with us, we are glad to hear from you, and we consider it as part of our ongoing endeavour to keep in touch with the market.

  1. You don’t have to be a client in order to have a briefing session. Please reach out and let us know what you want to brief us about and why.
  2. Use the Briefing Form. We do respond within 24 – 48 hours, but feel free to contact us at
  3. We offer interrupted access to our clients and end-user community, hence we have to give preference to them in terms of time commitment. If you are not a client, we will be glad to accommodate you on a first-cum-first-served basis.
  4. We appreciate a well prepared briefing. Please be clear on the focus areas for the briefing: Specific update in focus, competition, business outlook, success stories and learning, Use cases and case studies, partnerships and M&A, and so on.
  5. We do expect the presentation to be shared with us a day before (in power-point format, because we take notes).
  6. Please ensure Logistics (Video conference/Streaming Link in case of demo, Web and Phone conference details in other cases) are in place and shared in advance.
  7. We don’t expect the briefing to be a one-way street, hence please expect questions from our side. If you have already dealt with us, you will know that we prefer precision & clarity and will be asking tough questions, almost always.

Analyst Inquiries and Advisory Services For IT Decision Makers
For Analyst Inquiries, you need to be a Greyhound Research client. If we have an advisory engagement set up, we offer uninterrupted access to you. For setting up an Inquiry call with us for Greyhound Access Credits (GAC) , please reach out to us at We will revert to you within 24 – 48 hours.

Custom Research Guidelines
When we perform custom research for our clients, the end-product is subject to the terms of the engagement with respect to the editorial control, ownership, copyright and disclosure, usage, and citations. We do not undertake vendor sponsored research. However, we do have our independent reports, reprint rights for which can be purchased from us.

Research Collaboration And Participation
We do undertake collaborative research with our partners. If you want to partner with us, then please reach out to us at If you’re an existing partner and intend to carry out a collaborative research, please reach out to your sales co-ordinator.

Factual Corrections and Reviews For Entities (Organizations & People, if and where applicable) Mentioned In Research
The policies applicable to various products and reports vary depending on the terms of engagement and the product type.  However, unless specified otherwise, or unless governed by the terms of the engagement, Greyhound Research retains the final editorial control.

Specifically, in the following cases,

  • Blog posts. We will reach out to the relevant parties as part of the ongoing tracking and research, as required, but the blog posts are not not subject to upfront review. However, any unintended errors and/or omissions can be pointed out by the affected party and we will correct where found valid. Having said that, we are open to criticism and fact-correction as a general stance. Differences of opinion, if any, are appreciated but the decision is up to the Greyhound Research analysts.
  • Syndicated Research. We will send out the written and media delivered reports in the 48 hour factual review period to all impacted entities/parties. We will rectify any errors and omissions pointed out in the window, where found valid. Differences of opinion, if any, are appreciated but the decision is up to the Greyhound Research analysts / Head of Research.
  • Factual errors, if any, will be subject to errata or corrections published as applicable.

Reprint Pricing follows standard guidelines based on Greyhound Access Credits.  Please contact us at for specific details. 

Greyhound Research Citations and Press Quotes
In general, all content on Greyhound Research blog is quotable and citable.

Some general guidelines that are applicable are:

  • A written approval is required for all citations/quotes. Please reach out to us. As a rule, we will try to get back in less than 24 hours. However, we will appreciate sufficient time for a revert.
  • Any material or content from Greyhound Research on social media (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and such from authorized accounts) is quotable.
  • If the content is from Greyhound Research blog, cite it as “Source:  Greyhound Research, “Report/Blog/Source Title, Analyst Name, MMM DD, YYYY.  (e.g. Source: Greyhound Research, “Big Data Trends”, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst, Nov XX, 2014)
  • Each citation of published content (e.g. report, blog, speech or an interview from our analyst, video clipping in public domain) must clearly mention the source and include the date and context, along with the specifically named author/analyst.
  • In case of a product evalution as part of a syndicated report (within public domain), Greyhound Research may be cited for our assessment and categorization of a particular product or vendor. The custom research and Advisory engagements, however, are subject to the terms of the engagement and subject to prior approval.
  • Any verbal quotes and interviews or phone conversations, if a case arises, may not mention the specific companies, products, or services.

Press Interviews And Media Coverage
Greyhound Research Analysts can be made available for interviews (in person, on radio, over video conference, TV, a specific event) upon prior planning and arrangement.  Please contact our media relations team at

In case of published material/content, Media and bloggers may refer the link and cite accordingly as mentioned in previous section.

FTC Disclosures
Please refer the Greyhound Research policy and guidelines.

In general:

  • Greyhound Research client list, will be made available on request and subject to the context.
  • At the organization level, all hardware has been paid for by Greyhound Research. We may have devices on loan on need basis.
  • All commercial software has been paid for and is licensed.
  • In case of Speaking engagements, most vendors pay for travel to and from the event, all expenses included.