Research Offerings

Research Reports

We conduct regular market tracking and have ongoing conversations with IT decision makers, IT vendors and key stakeholders in the market.

Additionally, we are focused on building an in-house intelligence around technology trends on an ongoing basis. These research reports are available to all our clients based on Greyhound Access Credits.

These reports are broadly categorised as Free and Premium.

Free Research – this includes our blogs, infographics, press mentions, twitter chats, videos and annual predictions report. Example of our work, key findings from client meetings and snippets of our Premium Research has already been published on our website.

Premium Research:

  • Terse Research – this includes short reports (5 pages max) on multiple research themes and deep data cuts from our ongoing quantitative research studies in emerging markets.
  • Squad Research – this includes medium reports (8 pages max) on multiple research themes and broader themes that are impacting our stakeholders.
  • Ideas Research – this includes long reports (12-16 pages max) that discuss big ticket ideas and other new topics.

These syndicated research reports cover various business segments and various roles with specific focus around emerging markets – emerging roles, emerging technologies, emerging economies.

Market Segments

  • IT Decision Makers
  • Technology Vendors and Channel Partners
  • VCs and Fund Managers
  • Start-ups
  • Industry bodies & consortia

End-user Community Roles

  • Chief Information Officer / Chief
  • Technology Officer (IT)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (Sales and Marketing)
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Other Emerging Digital and Customer-Centric Roles


  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Australia & NZ

Research Themes

We have aligned our Research Themes to these emerging needs that are becoming critical for business to address.