Research Ethos

Greyhound Research has been founded on strong ethos rooted in making a real difference to the analyst firms’ status quo. We believe in adding real value to our clients and the end-user community.

We are consciously focused on filling the gaps that organisations in the emerging market feel from an analyst coverage standpoint.

We, at Greyhound, are truly about connecting Business to IT
We don’t want to be a technology focused analyst firm. We believe technology is the catalyst for business and technology has to be useful to the business outcome in order to really matter to the end-user community.

We strongly believe that technology is a pivot in the people-process-systems equation in these times. There is a a strong foundation to have three businesses under Greyhound Knowledge Group brand, and that is to help us connect the dots between various facets of business and IT.

Our Business Research & Advisory arm, Greyhound Sculpt, helps add vertical specific understanding to our portfolio and augment our knowledge on IT topics from Greyhound Research. Our Executive Search & Head Hunting arm, Greyhound Technocrat, helps augment our understanding about the various IT skills trends in different countries across emerging markets, and helps us address the people strategies.

We have taken a stand to stay truly independent.
We stand against vendor-sponsored research. We strictly do not undertake vendor-sponsored research in any shape or form. This is a stand we have taken, and it goes against the prevalent norms, but we believe that truly independent and un-biased research requires us to be that way.

We are focused at the best quality in everything we do
We do not treat clients and research themes on size and monetary business value. Anything we undertake undergoes the same rigor on quality norms and the effort commitment regardless of the commercial aspects. If we cannot do justice to something, we politely tell you accordingly, and we have had situations where we had to do that.

We offer “uninterrupted access” to our clients
We exist to help our clients make informed decisions for their business performance. We have learned that in order to do that, we have to offer uninterrupted access and approachability to our clients and end-user community. Time is of essence for decision-making and we appreciate the importance of being accessible in a timely manner.

We believe in staying humble and keeping the head on our shoulders
At Greyhound Research, we don’t take the high road and we keep our business really simple, and it works well with our clients, because it keeps us focused on delivering value. We keep our heads on our shoulders with belief in execution, which is what our clients really need from us.

Flexibility in Research Models
We offer flexible and various research engagement models that we hope are suitable to a broad range of needs across end-user community, business stakeholders and decision makers. This includes Free Research, Premium Research, Decision Tools, Role focused Advisory Services, and Custom Research.

We believe in the power of communities
We at Greyhound Research truly believe that exchange of ideas helps drive innovations. Hence, our decision to establish an invite-only community of IT decision makers termed as ‘Greyhound Golden Gate’*. This program has been running successfully over the past year and we’ve managed to enroll CXOs from over organizations in Emerging Markets.

*To learn more on how you can enrol in the community or use it to capture insights, please reach out to us on

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