Analyst Briefings

If you are a technology vendor or a channel partner, an analyst briefing is an opportunity for you to present your products, services and business strategies to the analyst(s) that cover the technology or market relevant to you.

Greyhound Research views these briefings as a research tool and encourages the vendors and channel partners to brief our analysts when –

  • launching a new product, or
  • coming up with a new major update, or
  • when forming a partnership, or
  • in an acquisition scenario, or
  • in any specific event or occasion,

– that is important from your or your market’s standpoint.

During a briefing, information flow is primaily from vendor to analysts and is not interactive, unlike in case of Advisory or Inquiry calls. You can expect us to ask tough questions, though, because we believe in precision and clarity. However, please note that briefing sessions are not intended for analyst feedback.

The discretion for going ahead with a briefing rests with Greyhound Research based on the relevance of the vendor, the background, the technologies and the marketplace. Please note that it does not involve any fee or contractual relationship, and rather is independent (completely!) of the other engagements or commercial relationships.

Requesting an Analyst Briefing
To request a briefing with our analysts, please fill out our “Briefing Form”.

Greyhound Research decides based on the relevance of the technologies, products, services to the research agenda. The relationship of being a client is immaterial in this regard. Please refer our Research Themes and coverage areas before approaching us.

Please expect a response from us typically in 24-48 hours on Analyst Briefing requests. We request you to consider sufficient lead times of 2-4 weeks when requesting for a briefing, because it involves availability of the analyst, and also the relevance to the current ongoing research.

Typical Venue for a Vendor Briefing
These briefings are typically 30-60 minutes in length with 1-2 analysts and are conducted via phone and/or video-conferencing.

Please refer to “Analyst Briefing” section under Research Policies for the typical guidelines regarding Analyst Briefings.

Else, fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.