Marketing Audit

How do you track, monitor and review the efficiency of its Marketing efforts?

Greyhound Research has come up with “Marketing Audit” offering that helps the enterprises understand the impact of their marketing efforts in the market.

What is a Marketing Audit and why is it important for your organization?

A Marketing Audit is a fundamental part of a firm’s marketing initiatives; it is a comprehensive review of your marketing strategies, activities, goals and results. Greyhound Research believes that a Marketing Audit should not just end at reviewing your firm’s current marketing efforts but it should also extend and account for future scenarios.

Marketing Audit helps your firm fill the market gaps by bridging perceptions.



The Marketing Audit Outcomes 

At the conclusion of the Audit, you will be able to determine the outcomes of your Marketing efforts, such as:

  • Understanding how the customers were consuming their marketing messages.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing messages.
  • Review changes in brand awareness and attractiveness.
  • Assess the performance of the firm’s digital marketing platforms.
  • Tracking marketing budget effectiveness as well as accounting for any budget modifications.
  • Determining Customer perceptions which form the basis of future demand planning.
  • Enabling target marketing strategies to increase sales

Understand the Impact Chain

Before executing the Marketing Audit, it is critical to understand how it affects several functional layers in an organization.Greyhound Research believes that the Marketing Audit has the potential to create an impact chain that affects stakeholders at various levels in the Enterprise.


Marketing Audit Execution

1. Present Perception Audit. What is the impact of current marketing messages?

  • Customer Perception Audit & Mapping: Customers are one of the most important stakeholders, therefore understanding what perceptions are your customer building through your marketing messages is very critical.
  • Stakeholder Audit & Mapping: Determining how your marketing messages are being received by your stakeholders such as your employees & alumni; vendors & suppliers; and channel partners & resellers.
  • ClientMMA (Client Marketing Medium Audit): A detailed audit of your company collaterals on the basis of Content (marketing messages); Outreach (channels deployed) and Engagement (customer recall).
  • CompetitveMMA (Competitive Marketing Medium Audit): A detailed audit of your key competitors on the basis of Content (marketing messages); Outreach (channels deployed) and Engagement (customer recall).
  • C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction) Survey: Successful marketing efforts is greatly measured by satisfied customers. Greyhound Research reaches out to customers and captures their most insightful feedback.


2.  Ideal Perceptions Mapping. What marketing messages do your stakeholders want to hear and how to bridge the market gaps?

  • Content Strategy: Greyhound conducts in-depth assessment of the IT Firms needs and targets in order to model an effective content strategy over and above their existing efforts.
  • Influencer Mapping: The Influencer mapping study helps identifying the right influencers to take promote the company’s marketing efforts.
  • Demands and Trends Planning: Greyhound Research will ultimately help the IT Services firm to plan its marketing efforts contingent to the probable future trends and demands.