Marketing is challenge for any organization, but how well prepared is your organization to tackle these challenges.

Greyhound Research works with a unique delivery model: We ASSESS your Market; we CREATE actionable plans; and we help you EXECUTE them.


  • Customer Perception Mapping – What are your customers thinking? We will help you understand your market and its expectation from you by digging out ground level insights for your business.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Are you customers satisfied? We help you reach out to your customers and capture their most insightful feedback.
  • Concept Testing – You have a new Product idea, great – But will it work in the market? We help you realize that potential. Our Concept Testing studies will give you a holistic view of your product’s potential – from Scalability to Sustainability.
  • Competitive Mapping. Every company wants to know how competitive is the market they operate in, who are their competitors, what are they doing different? We help you cover every aspect of your market competition and model your business over and above it.
  • Stakeholder Perception Mapping. We reaches out to your stakeholders and helps you align their expectations with your business objectives.


  • Integrated Campaign Planning. We help you plan the perfect campaign by helping select the right channels create the right content; identify the right audience; and keep you over and above other competitor’s campaigns.
  • Content Strategy. We do in depth assessment of your needs and targets and model an effective content strategy around it.
  • Influencer Mapping. Greyhound’s Influencer mapping study will help you identify the right influencers for your campaigns and make them a backbone of your successful campaign.
  • Target Segment Mapping. We help you map your offerings to your target segment.


  • Content Creation. We align your content strategy with market needs and create solid and effective content for your company.
  • Newsroom. The newsroom is a unique service platform designed to track marketing campaigns and efforts happening across your industry, both digital and offline. The Newsroom serves more purpose than just being an industry tracker, it helps you modify and model your content strategy with respect to the ever changing market.