Greyhound Empowerment Program

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Why a social initiative?
At Greyhound Knowledge Group we strive to give back to the community. No, these are not mere words and this is not yet another so-called Corporate Social Responsibility program. We walk our talk. One of the multiple social initiatives we are currently running is called People Empowerment Program (PeP).

What do we do under PeP? The idea is simple – use technology as an enabler to help up-skill people in all walks of life. Greyhound Knowledge Group has research at its core and technology as its backbone. We wanted to marry the two to be able to drive empowerment and make a real difference in peoples lives. One of  our pioneer activities is what we believe is a first-of-its-kind. We have taken a common problem that visually challenged children face and used technology in a creative way to help offer a unique solution.

What problem do we solve in the first place? Don’t you just love your early morning shot of caffeine or your favourite tea? Sounds trivial, isn’t it? Ever wondered how visually challenged people make their own cuppa? We did! This is where it all began.

How did we solve this problem? We approached the schooling arm of the Saksham Charitable Trust, a school for children with no or low vision. We came up with a unique concept of recording Audio Recipes (with a strong focus on Tactile Learning) to help these visually challenged children learn how to cook basic food items.

Wish to know more about this? Our team will be elated to share more about our efforts with you. Holler and we’ll walk you through the concept and the solution.