gDOPE (Greyhound Digital Outreach Program for Engagement)

Businesses today are striving to create contextual engagements with their customers. Greyhound Research, based on our experience across business and technology, has come up with an approach to succeed in today’s dynamic environment to this goal.

gDOPE (Greyhound Digital Outreach Program for Engagement) is a theme-based, research-led outreach programme designed to establish thought leadership and create engagement. It is based on multi-pronged strategy to achieve contextual engagement with customer, digitally.

Co-branded micro-site – The gDOPE™ entails creating and managing a micro-site which is co-branded by your business and Greyhound Research.

Content Rich Platform – The micro-site would contain two streams of content one fuelled by Greyhound Research which would be theme based, and the other fuelled by your business which would be more product & solutions based.

Social Media Engagement – Creating social engagement to champion the engagement through the leverage of social media channels, and additionally establish 3rd party accreditation through Greyhound Research.

Why gDOPE™ 

  • An exclusive repository for your business on a specific theme and topic of choice
  • A consistent stream of research content will help build on trends for Quarter on Quarter or Year on Year
  • Generate Thought Leadership on relevant industries
  • Common Interactive platform for various Stakeholders – Consumers, partners, among others

Expected Outcomes from gDOPE™

  • Serve as a launch pad for an integrated marketing campaign for different stakeholders.
  • Establish leadership and credibility in areas that concern your stakeholders the most.
  • Reach out to your customers with an engaging narrative on how you are catering to their needs.
  • Seeding amongst customers the company philosophy: It’s not about the technology itself – but about the experiences that our customers have because of the technology they use.

A note on gDOPE™ Content Framework

The content strategy behind gDOPE™ is driven by a two-pronged stream approach.

Greyhound Research Content Stream

  • Greyhound Research would have an independent authority on the content stream.
  • The types of content that Greyhound Research can create include the following: Industry and Trends Reports focusing on your company’s theme, Thought Leadership Papers, Blogs, Videos, Info-graphics

Your Business’s Content Stream

  • Your content stream would focus more on product and solutions centric content. The content would focus on how the company has been offering to its customers the perfect solutions to meet their end to end needs.
  • The content stream can include the following: White Papers/TLPs, Press Releases, Media Mentions, Polls

* The content is supported by exhaustive and contextual surveys and research – lending the facts and research driven insights model to the content.