Future Strategist

The recent onslaught of technologies that are directly accessible to various business functions is further adding to the challenges of aligning the IT strategy across the C-Suite. The IT strategy is no longer limited to the IT function, and on the other hand, technology has become core to the business strategy. Greyhound Research helps IT decisions makers from IT as well as lines of businesses to help navigate this by providing specific and contextual advice for a better business-IT alignment towards a long term effective structure, skill sets, and buy-in strategies across people & systems.


Topics Covered: 

  • Business & IT alignment
  • Re-Skilling
  • Development Goals for CIO-1
  • Buy-in for C-Level
  • Room for Innovation
Roles Covered:

  • Chief Information
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • SBU Heads