Corporate Strategy

A successful corporate strategy is the one that is designed around your core business objectives. Greyhound Sculpt helps integrate your company’s key functions and design a sustainable and forward looking strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

CSR today has become an indispensible part of every organizations corporate strategy. Every business has a responsibility towards the society they are impacting. CSR best practices are constantly evolving and today CSR is beyond charities and isolated philanthropy causes. CSR today has become a community and mass engagement activity and organizations are moving towards a holistic CSR model. Greyhound helps your company integrate its business objectives and with its societal responsibility and devise a unique and sustainable CSR strategy.

  • Industry Audit. Our Industry audit will give you an pan industry view which will help you model your CSR initiatives unique from the industry.
  • Spend Alignment. We help you assess and identify the right social initiatives that you should be allocating your company’s resources too.
  • CSR Campaign Planning. We help you plan the perfect campaign by helping select the right channels; create the right content; identifying the right influencers; and make your campaign unique and distinguished.
  • CSR DOPETM Greyhound Sculpt’s unique solution CSR Direct Outreach Planning and Engagement (DOPE) program aims at developing a unique platform for your CSR initiative. This platform aims at creating mass level engagement between you and your company’s stakeholders. We at Greyhound will create, manage, and sustain an integrated platform built around your company’s social initiatives.

 Human Resource Enablement

  • Talent Acquisition Planning. We at Greyhound believe that it is imperative for every company to plan its future talent needs to avoid falling prey to any future exigencies. We help you map your future talent needs with respect to the changing business model.  
  • Compensation Benchmarking. Compensation benchmarking is becoming the preamble for organizations that are focused on sustainable future growth through effective talent acquisition. We help your organization establish salary benchmarks for core as well as general positions in your company.
  • ESAT. We help you perform a credible, process driven, exhaustive Employee Satisfaction Survey, with actionable insights.


  • Stakeholder SAT. We help you perform a credible, process driven, exhaustive Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey in line with Stakeholder map and expectations, with actionable insight outcomes.  
  • Partner/Vendor Identification. Our proven methodology for vendor and partner benchmarking and assessment helps you identify the right partner for your identified strategy.