Vodafone Idea Outsourcing Deal To Exceed USD 1 Billion for IBM India

Vodafone Idea Ltd. (VIL), India’s top telecom operator, may miss an internal deadline of December 2018 to finalise new IT contracts, and is holding advanced talks with US software major IBM to finalise a multi-year deal by March end, which, some estimates suggest, could…

Hiring Coders To Cost More After The Microsoft-GitHub Deal

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub, an open-source company and software developer repository, combined with its LinkedIn professional network may shore up the cost of hiring developers and tech talent, industry analysts said. Getting access to coders would not be the same now that Microsoft owns…

Bjorn Engelhardt of Riverbed In #CounterpunchWithSVG

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Faiyaz Shahpurwala of IBM In #CounterpunchWithSVG

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To Reach India’s Small Businesses, Microsoft Bets on a Big, Blue Bus

Imagine the struggle a large technology company faces in India. You want to cater to the millions of mom and pop stores in the country, but they are happy offline. As companies scramble for ways to bridge the gap, Microsoft…

Hybrid IT Expected To Help Deliver On The Digital Transformation Promise

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Data Centre & Compute Modernisation: Critical Success Factors In Digital Transformation Agenda

Digital Transformation is topping the priority charts not just with technology leaders but with CEOs and Boards alike. Findings from a recent Greyhound Research study titled, Global CEO Priorities 2017, tell this tale eloquently. Per the study, over 95% global…

Google Cloud Region In Sydney Now Live – Tweets By Greyhound Research

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Google’s Announcement To Intensify Cloud War in Australia & APJ

On June 20, 2017 Google announced the availability of its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Sydney. Per the company, this is their first GCP region in Australia and the fourth in Asia Pacific. This announcement comes in close heels of…

Greyhound Radio: Bringing Digital Transformation Home

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Greyhound TV: Bringing Digital Transformation Home

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Workday Moves Test & Dev To IBM Cloud – Expect Increased Focus On Innovation

On 15 August, 2016 IBM and Workday announced a multi-year partnership wherein Workday will use IBM’s Cloud for its internal Testing and Development environment. The announcement adds to the existing IBM and Workday partnership which includes IBM’s global Workday Consulting…