SAP Launches Solution To Help Firms Make Real-Time Decisions

SAP has launched new technology solution for corporates, which gives analytical information to C-suite executives that can help make decisions in real time. Taking the help of Amazon’s Alexa, a voice service that helps humans interact with machines, the solution has been christened “Digital Boardroom”.

Avoid BI failure: Dispel myths for risk-free solution deployment

While Business Intelligence (BI) is fast becoming a top priority for most businesses, achieving Return on Investment (RoI) through BI implementation still remains a big challenge for CIOs. Though many CIOs plan to invest in BI going forward, most of them fear BI failure. It’s interesting to note that BI is just a reporting tool for most of these CIOs. Now business intelligence is good, but there needs to be a solid business case for such deployments to avoid risk of BI failure. A case in point is that the large number of BI projects that go over-budget due to failure to meet timelines.