#GreyhoundCorridors: Busting The Myths of Internship

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Name:  Akshay Massey, 1st year BMS / College: Wilson College, Mumbai

I just completed my first year as a BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) student and was on the lookout for work experience during my vacations which would help me understand my course more efficiently. I started to intern here at the Greyhound Knowledge Group about a month ago and it’s been a great opportunity to sharpen my professional skills.

It is internships like these that provide the initial push for anyone to achieve great heights in any business. The next few lines would define how this internship is helping me to develop myself as a management student. I have learnt quite a few technical and organizational skills from this internship and hope to keep on learning new aspects of the business as I continue to intern here at the Greyhound Knowledge Group.

  • The Internship has helped in building my confidence significantly – This internship has certainly boosted my confidence in every possible way which will eventually help me in building myself as a management student. Surely when I return to Mumbai I would have a lot more knowledge on how things work in a corporate and plan my future accordingly.
  •  Communication Skills are the backbone of Corporate success  The main reason for me to take up an internship was to build on my communication skills. Interning here has helped me express my thoughts with great sessions of brain storming and team discussions.
  • Team Work plays a key role in a company’s success – While interning here at Greyhound I have learnt that the success of any company lies in the collective work of every employee. Team work leads to success would be the motto for me whenever I work for a company.
  • An interactive office environment  The Greyhound team is always very encouraging and helpful with every query or obstacle I have faced  Mr. Sanchit Vir Gogia the CEO and founder of Greyhound Knowledge Group is supportive in every possible way and it has been a pleasure seeing him work. I am also working under Ms.Manasi Parvatikar, Research Manager, Greyhound Sculpt and Mr.Manav Juneja the Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager who are my mentors here and are extremely helpful.

Interning here at Greyhound is a great opportunity and I feel privileged to be a part of Greyhound absorbing all the information that comes my way. These internships are extremely helpful where it’s like a science experiment where you get to try out things that you learn in class. The Internship program would be confined to only a month so I look forward to making the most out of the limited time that I have to gain knowledge from the accomplished leaders of the Greyhound Knowledge Group.

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