#GreyhoundCorridors: An Internship That Challenges Your Present And Shapes Your Future

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Name: Priyanka Chugh / Course: English Honors Graduate, Delhi University

An internship is the stepping stone for a student into the real world. After experiencing college life and immersing deep in theory, it was time for me to enter the real world.  I joined the Greyhound Turner Program about a month ago to put theories to test and learn the ropes of corporate life.

GTP - PriyankaChugh - Final

I was given the task to manage the company’s social media presence and write content for its entities. While I had previous experience in writing content but lacked the ability to present it in a manner that demands the readers’ attention. My blog thus explains how this internship has helped me turn my flair for writing into a sharpened skill.

  • A content champion must have motivation above and beyond writing. What differentiates a content writer to a content champion is the willingness to go beyond the confines of your knowledge boundaries and learn about new topics. While interning I learned about a vast variety of fields – from ecommerce to the recently announced budget – and I can confidently say that today I understand all these topics in far greater detail.In short, good understanding about the topic ensures a good read.
  • No such thing as a stupid question. When I encountered a terminology which I was unable to decipher, my mentors willingly answered my queries. Mr Manav Juneja, Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager, and Ms Manasi Parvatikar, Research Manager, encouraged me to raise doubts. Terms like ‘hybrid cloud computing’, ‘Big data’ were new to my vocabulary. Questioning my mentors about these terms helped me understand what these terms stand for and why they matter.
  • Team work makes the dream work. Communication is the base of team work. Greyhound Knowledge Group’s team is the perfect example. As part of the team, I realized it is imperative to share thoughts and ideas which will generate more productivity. When things are not taking the desired path, the team is able to halt, re-think and dive into action again.
  • Focus on what matters. Greyhound Knowledge Group’s Founder and CEO Mr Sanchit Vir Gogia, has a clear perspective of the potential the company can achieve. While working with him, I noticed that keeping realistic goals, aligning a common orientation with the team and having the right attitude, form strong foundations of a company.

In conclusion, this internship has enhanced my writing skills, introduced me to new aspects of knowledge and has given me the capabilities to face challenges successfully. I have acquired an expertise in content writing through constant guidance by the team. The learnings that I gained here will surely be beneficial in my future endeavours.

This internship has proven to be a great opportunity and I feel privileged to be a part of the amazing team at Greyhound Knowledge Group.

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