Amazon Launches First Cloud Data Centre In Mumbai

As a part of its commitment to invest $5 billion in India, Amazon has launched its first set of India data centres in Mumbai to cater to cloud computing services here unleashing a new race for the top cloud provider position in India, said a report in the Hindu.

“AWS is a tad late to the market. Global players (like Microsoft, IBM and NTT’s Netmagic) and regional players like (CtrlS and NextGen) have already made their presence felt in the country over the past year by either announcing India Data Centres or their intent to invest increasingly. The most notable of these have been by IBM and Microsoft who have spent considerable resources trying to outdo each other on back of their local and regional investments,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research.

“We are of the firm opinion that AWS will have to make solid changes to their DNA of catering primarily to the start-up audience. Selling to enterprise customers in India, particularly BFSI and Government, will require AWS to think and behave differently and use best practices from the likes of IBM who have over the years championed enterprise sales,” Gogia said.

Source: Asianet Newsable

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