Research Support

Kanika Goswami 

Kanika is a Consulting Editor for the Greyhound Knowledge Group companies. She has been a journalist for almost 18 years, the last 6 years being in the technology domain. Starting her writing career with A&M Magazine in Delhi, and moving to Mumbai and Chennai, her first few years in writing were about advertising and marketing strategies. Moving to Bangalore in 2006, she joined the EFY group of publications as the Bangalore editorial head for its group publications – EFY, IT, Linux for You, ePower and Benefit.

In 2007 she joined the IDG group, with CIO magazine, and last worked with the magazine as Associate Editor, CIO.

Kanika is a prolific writer, and has been writing for both online and publications magazines on hospitality industry as well, contributing to H&FS (Hotel and Food Services Review) and The Hotelier till very recently.