Sanchit Vir Gogia 

Sanchit is the Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. He also serves as Founder & CEO of Greyhound Knowledge Group that operates under three brands – Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt and Greyhound Technocrat. The group currently employs experts with experience in IT Research & Advisory, Business Research & Advisory, Executive Search & Head Hunting.

Sanchit is a highly recognized and reputed IT analyst, consultant and advisor. He is also the author of the famous blog, As Disruptive As IT Gets that has readership from over 100 countries. Sanchit’s blog has been rated at number 10 in the top 20 global resources for Business IT leaders in 2014 and as one of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs of 2013 across the globe!

Known for his passion for emerging markets and technologies, he has gained repute in the technology community by authoring numerous thought provoking reports on topics like Cloud Computing, Big Data and Customer Engagement. With nearly 15 years experience in research, strategy, sales and marketing, Sanchit has spent over 7 years as an IT analyst, advisor and consultant and works closely with multiple stakeholders in the technology ecosystem including end-users, vendors, channel partners, venture capitalist/private equity funds, government institutions and start-ups.

A serial entrepreneur, Sanchit launched his first company at the age of 16. It was one of India’s first B2C eCommerce players and the company sold eLearning-based computer courses to students across India. His second venture was an events company that he started at the age of 24. Sanchit’s latest venture is Greyhound Knowledge Group that he started at the age of 29.

Prior to establishing Greyhound Knowledge Group, Sanchit was a lead analyst for Forrester Research and helped establish multiple research practices in emerging markets.

He is a well recognized expert, commentator and speaker at various industry events. Highly sought after by the media, Sanchit is frequently quoted across both mainstream and online technology news portals. Sanchit also features regularly as the jury in multiple CIO awards.

Sanchit graduated from University of Delhi with a Degree in Economics and holds two Degrees in Marketing and Management from University of Leeds, UK.

Ashish Bhagwat 


Ashish is serving as Vice President at Greyhound Knowledge Group.

Ashish has been an intrapreneur at heart, playing impactful future-building roles within the organizations. Ashish has 16 Years of extensive experience having performed diverse roles in IT industry.He has played key roles in business leadership (P&L responsibility, marketing, strategy) as well as advisory (IT strategy &Business Operations consulting) capacity. Proven leadership skills in handling multiple-teams scenarios, setting up and running team organizations, drawing and executing the business strategy and operational plans, and in advising the customers on their Strategy and Business Improvement initiatives.

He set up the BPM practice at Wipro in 2004 and established the growth path, drove the organization through Business Development, Consulting and Talent Development.He also played an instrumental role in OrangeScape’s global expansion.

With an all-round rich experience delivering in leadership positions across diverse business markets and geographies, Ashish has been focused on impact and strategic contributions. With specialty in Strategic Marketing and Business Transformation, Ashish has also been a sought after speaker in leadership and technology. He likes to keep abreast of the market dynamics and the trends in business.

Ashish is an MBA in Information Systems and holds a degree in Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics and Instrumentation.